Cyber-Puppeteering on Health IT by Dr. TruthHurts

While the specifics in this Xtranormal video "Dr. TruthHurts" on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) might be incorrect, and the political views expressed offensive to some, the scenes of "Dr. A.C.O." using a computer (starting at about time 4:09) might not be far from the future cybernetic "truth" we are headed towards.

While the computer-use scenes are mostly sound-based and somewhat hyperbolic, if physicians are not vigilant and outspoken, I fear the machines -- and their users -- will further become servants of bureaucratic control and of money.

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I also note that the diagram of the healthcare bureaucracy in this cyber-puppeteer video is real:

The coming Health Care Mega-Bureaucracy (click to download PDF from

Somewhere, buried in that morass of healthcare facilitators, are quaint relics of the work of the healthcare enablers such as the doctor-patient relationship, informed consent, and private medical decision-making between physician and patient.

Oh wait...I forgot, there are computers to make the bureaucratic morass all work seamlessly.

-- SS