My mother passed away

My mother, affected catastrophically by an EHR-related medical error last year, passed away yesterday evening.

In her memory, a photo of her and me from 1957 I found in her possessions.

Betty Silverstein, 1925-2011

Her children were always Number One.

May she rest in peace, and may my efforts result in others not having to suffer similar mistakes at the hands of IT.

-- SS

Nov. 2011 addendum:

Here is a memorial bench I had erected for my parents at their grave last month, near where they ran a small community pharmacy for almost four decades.
My father, a pharmacist, was a go-to source for health information in the once-bucolic community of Somerton, in far Northeast Philadelphia, long before chain drugstores appeared in the region.
The inscription atop the bench reads "Owners of Lumar Pharmacy. Served This Community 1954 -1991."

They, like I, also toiled to safeguard and improve the health of the public.

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May they rest in peace.

-- SS